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Enjoy an All-Inclusive Maui Bed and Breakfast Escape at Noah's Hideaway!

As the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui has plenty to offer visitors and locals alike. Known for its pristine ocean views and natural wonders including the Iao Valley and Haleakala National Park, tourists to the island are always looking for the best bed and breakfast Maui has to offer. Fortunately for them, they've stumbled upon the all-inclusive Maui bed and breakfast known as Noah's Hideaway.

Leave Your Worries Behind to Enjoy the Best Bed and Breakfast Maui Offers!

Nestled comfortably within West Maui, Noah's Hideaway offers a luxurious opportunity for escape from the worries and stresses of everyday life. An all-inclusive Maui bed and breakfast predicated on luxury and relaxation, Noah's Hideaway is just five minutes walking distance from the gorgeous Kaanapali Beach, considered one of the best beaches in America. A hop and a skip later, guests at Noah's Hideaway will find themselves in the thick of West Maui's finest shopping and dining experiences.

While the view and surrounding area are both to be revered, the real magic happens comfortably at home inside of Noah's Hideaway. The bed and breakfast offers two private guest suites with unique charm and traits depending on your needs. Whether you stay at the luxurious and private Koa Suite or opt for the equally pristine Eucalypt Suite, guests will enjoy an array of amenities from the comfort of their guesthouse.

  • Fresh Breakfast — Prepared daily by Noah's Hideaway, these breakfasts are delicious, fresh, and inspired by tastes from around the world.

  • Outdoor Gym and Spa — Just because you are on a break doesn't mean you can't stay in shape. Access to an outdoor gym, heated pool, and comfortable spa all add to the luxury of your stay. Don't forget the hot tub, either!

  • All-Inclusive — No hidden fees ever. This is Maui's 5-Star Rated Luxury Bed and Breakfast for a reason!


Contact Noah's Hideaway today to pick the dates of your next visit!

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