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For the Most Romantic Maui Honeymoon, You Can Book Your Stay At Noah's Hideaway!

Calm blue skies and peace and quiet filling your room. This is the experience that people wake up to when they visit Noah's Hideaway. Located comfortably in the heart of West Maui, only minutes away from Kaanapali Beach, Noah's Hideaway offers a luxurious and joy-fueled experience for couples looking to make the most out of their Maui honeymoon.

Noah's Hideaway is cherished as the only 5-Star Rated Luxury Bed and Breakfast on the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui. Within walking distance to world-class dining and shopping, as well as America's favorite beach, there is even more joy to uncover for couples who head to Noah's Hideaway.

Enjoy a Maui Honeymoon At YOUR Pace

Going on a honeymoon should be a celebration of your love and a commitment to rest and relax in comfort together. Noah's Hideaway is proud to offer a variety of key amenities directly onsite to make good on their all-inclusive promise. There are no hidden fees as everything is truly included with your stay. This includes access to the following amazing perks:

  • Prime Location — Literally across the street from Kaanapali Beach and just down the road from the World Famous Black Rock.

  • Fresh Food — Globally inspired breakfasts are prepared daily from fresh ingredients for the enjoyment of guests.

  • Heated Pool, Hot Tub & Spa — Comfort should come in the flavor that you like, so pick and choose the experience that you want to enjoy. There is also an outdoor gym and indoor entertainment for your perusal.


Making sure you enjoy your honeymoon is our top priority at Noah's Hideaway. Take a peek at Noah's Hideaway today before booking your Maui B&B honeymoon!

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