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Hawaii Honeymoon: Book a Stay at Noah's Hideaway at the Ultimate Maui Guesthouse.

What does the perfect honeymoon getaway look like to you? For couples that enjoy awe-inspiring natural views, the finest beach in America, and stunning world-class dining, Noah's Hideaway in Maui might be the right destination! Noah's Hideaway is an all-inclusive bed and breakfast dedicated to providing its guests with access to the finest amenities and guesthouses around.

Let's take a walk through your next stay at our favorite Maui guesthouse!

Hawaii Honeymoon In Style: Noah's Hideaway Has the Maui Guesthouse For YOU!

Noah's Hideaway is comfortably located in West Maui just five minutes walk away from the world-class Kaanapali Beach. Beautiful sights as far as the eyes can see will endear every couple that heads to Noah's Hideaway for their Maui guest house honeymoon experience.

More than just another luxurious bed and breakfast on the second-largest island of Hawaii, Noah's Hideaway offers something truly endearing and luxurious through their honest and all-inclusive offerings. There are no hidden fees. No surprise parking fees. Everything that is offered is yours when you arrive.

Let's take a look at one of our favorite Hawaii honeymoon specials for one of the two Maui guesthouse offerings at Noah's Hideaway.

  • Eucalypt Suite — The Eucalypt Suite is perfect for the honeymooning couple looking for luxury, comfort, and space to stretch their legs. Equipped with a King Size Bed, a master ensuite bathroom, and an attached living room, luxury has never looked so cozy.

  • Koa Suite — This suite has a view of the gorgeous Kaanapali Golf Course in addition to Molokai, a neighboring island. A newly constructed spa bathroom with soaker tub offers luxury and comfort in equal measure.


Both Guest Suites are available through the special Hawaii Honeymoon package currently available at Noah's Hideaway. 

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